Christian music and me

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March 31, 2010 by Nicole

People who know my tastes in music are always suprised by how I feed my ears; I have been known to rock out to German opera while flying down the highway, or turn my TV to the Bluegrass station while I make soap in my kitchen.  I am not embarrassed to confess that yes, I did like boy bands (but not NKOTB!!) back in the mid 90s, as well as old school rap and R&B.  As a viola player, I am in love with orchestral music–especially the German Romantics. 

I have always been the type to get caught up in a catchy tune, a good beat, or become obsessed with a particular sound for a time (Many thanks to Tom G. for getting me hooked on Bluegrass Gospel!).  My affinity for “booty music” from the 90’s should show that I don’t listen much to lyrics.

I have never really listened to “Christian” music much, but lately, I have been dabbling.  On one hand, I do like church hymns when the mood strikes me, and some mornings/evenings on my drive to or from work, I spend my time with God via my iPod and my downloaded Taize album–which I find incredibly beautiful.  But, I have made a conscious effort to try to listen to Christian stations on my car radio in the last year, and sometimes, I hear a song that sticks with me. There are two in particular as of late that I have been listening to a lot; one is  “Be Still” by Story Side B, and the other, which I used on my video, is  “This Is What It Feels Like” by FFH.  

People say far too often that music soothes, stirs, or speaks to the “soul”; frankly, I find the saying overused and a bit irritating. I think that what they really mean to say is that it does all of these things to your emotions.  You listen to a song that you like, and it makes you feel good, makes you cry, or makes you feel sentimental.  Yes, emotions are sometimes the result of having had a profound experience, which may or may not be a spiritual one.  But to me, if music “speaks” to your soul, it is more than just an emotion; it tells you something that you need to hear in a way that communes directly with that immortal part of you that belongs to God.  It is a conversation. For me, it’s a reminder of how to listen to God at the times when my depression is at its worst–when I need to hear it the most.

Dear God, thanks for the music.  Feel free to use my iPod or radio in any way that you see fit.  Amen.


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