Blessed are the poor in spirit… (Hint to me: they should pray more!)

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April 5, 2010 by Nicole

I took a little trip out to DeWitt today to go to the bookstore at a Catholic retreat center and bought two books.  I have spent the last hour reading, though, online about St. Bernadette (whose name shall henceforth be spelled correctly…).

Initially, I have discovered a few very interesting (and probably superfluous) things.  First, 2010 is the Year of Bernadette.  Second, we share the name Marie, which is my middle name and her  full birth name.  Finally, she is also a first born child.  While I don’t know how much right one has to compare him or herself to an actual saint, it was interesting to me that God and Mary would choose someone like Bernadette to communicate directly with.  From what I have gathered so far, she and her family were very poor–by which I am not suprised–after all, Jesus entered the world into a life of poverty, and God loves the poor. 

The part that I was captivated by was the fact that God chose her–someone who did not know her chatechism.   Now, I am by no means wealthy–but I am also not living in abject poverty.  But like Bernadette, I feel a genuine love for God, and sometimes I wonder whether it’s “enough.”  There are people I know who have an amazing faith of which they are so self-assured.  I am always amazed at that and wonder how they got that way.   I just wish I were more devoted to my faith, and perhaps this is a good spot to begin–trying to become richer in Faith.


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