Our Lady of Lourdes strikes again!

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January 14, 2011 by Nicole

Up until yesterday, I was a Libra.  With all of the hubub about the “New Sign” of the zodiac, I discovered that I am now a Virgo.  Okay, fine.  Now let it be known that I am really not into astrology; sure, I check my horoscope for fun now and then, so today I figured just for kicks I would look at information about Virgo.  So I go on Yahoo, type Virgo in the search  bar, and go to this link.  As I read about Virgos, I scrolled down to the bottom of the page, and guess who’s there.  Yes, that’s correct–Our Lady of Lourdes, standing there in her grotto.  Too wierd.  She has a way of showing up when I least expect it.  She’s been showing up a lot lately.

For instance, last fall, my husband and I went to the Gideon Pastor Appreciation Dinner in Edmore.  The dinner  and the speaker (who this year was someone who is a good friend of our family) were wonderful.  On the way home, as we drive through Stanton, I glance out my window, and low and behold, there’s St. Bernadette of Lourdes Catholic Church.  A few months ago, while surfing the internet, I notice that there is a news story about a bomb threat at Lourdes (What kind of nut job does something like that?).  Then, a few weeks ago, while at the bookstore, I noticed that there was a special edition of Time (or Newsweek–one of those magazines) dedicated to sacred and holy sites around the world. So, out of curiousity, I picked it up and was flipping through it, and there she was: Our Lady of Lourdes standing in her grotto.  Now, they could have picked Fatima or Medjugorje, but no, it was Lourdes.

Now how is it that all of a sudden, since I have felt the call to go to Lourdes, Mary keeps popping up all over the place? Is it coincidence? Do I just notice it more because I am thinking about it more? Or is there something else going on? 

Dear Jesus: You are awesome.  Please help me get to your mother’s shrine, since she keeps popping up all over the place and it’s driving me nuts not being able to go.  At this point, I need a miracle. Amen.

PS: I have a lot of many wonderful Protestant friends, and I worry at times that they might think that this is some kind of idolatry or something.  Could you please let people who are not Catholic understand that this is a way to get closer to you? I don’t think that they understand that the message she brought to St. Bernadette was that you want people to get to know you better and build a stronger relationship with you, and that’s the message she came to bring.  She wants to lead us to worship you, not her.  Thanks.


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