This just in….


January 23, 2011 by Nicole

I have been debating whether to announce this yet, but I think that I will, so here goes:

It’s going to happen! I’m going to

Lourdes! WOOHOO!

Yes, I can hardly believe it myself, but the money has magically appeared, and there appears to be enough to get there this summer.  After a very emotional discussion about the state of my spiritual health with my husband, it seems that the trip is a real possibility for the summer; he reminded me about a small amount that I had saved and set aside back when we first got married, which, ironically, I told him back then I was saving so we could go to Europe on our 5th or 10th wedding anniversary, which is amazingly enough exactly when this  trip occurs. Sadly, we’re not going together, but I am so blessed and grateful that my husband loves me so much that he encouraged me to go and do this for myself.  It still doesn’t seem real, because I am hoping so much that my summer teaching schedule will allow me to be able to go.    So, I guess that this means that the countdown officially begins today. 🙂



One thought on “This just in….

  1. inspiritual says:

    Truly amazing how sometimes all the pieces of the puzzle seem to fall into their place, isn’t it?


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