God the artist and my study Bible

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March 25, 2011 by Nicole

One thing I really like about my little study Bible that I have had since 8th grade is that it has nice “Insight” sections that comment on various verses.  Over the last few days, I have been reading the book of Genesis, and after finishing the creation stories, one of the questions that came up in my Bible was how I see God’s artistry in other people.

It makes me happy to think that my life is like a God art exhibition in many ways, because the people I know are so talented.  The answer to this question involves a long list of amazing people, but these are the top 6 that immediately come to mind:

  1. My husband is not only a very religious and compassionate man, but he can come up with a relevant analogy or historical/literary allusion for any part of his Sunday sermons.
  2. Tom and Marcia G. are both very talented musicians who are great fun to be around and make singing a joyful experience (Somehow, referring to singing in a church choir as making a joyful noise seems very inappropriate…) for everyone in our church choir.
  3. Nick P. is an incredibly talented musician and composer whose music ministry at the cathedral is a blessing and an inspiration to be a part of.  But even more than that, I admire the immense respect, cheerful attitude, and dignity that he shows all people who are a part of the cathedral music ministry.
  4. The Paulist Fathers are some amazing men.  Not only do they provide excellent homilies every week, but they are also fine story tellers who make the Word of God come alive for all of us in the congregation.
  5. The people with whom I sing in the 6:00 evening choir are a wonderful group of individuals who are like a second family to me.
  6. My colleagues at LCC are all very gifted teachers who are dedicated to their craft and serving the best interests of their students.  I have had the honor of seeing the passion and dedication that they bring to their work and to bettering the quality of education for their students.

Of course, there are several others I know I have not mentioned here, but what I have come to realize is that all of these people are uniquely gifted in a way that truly betters the lives of those with whom they come into contact.


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