The problems of married people

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June 14, 2011 by Nicole

Today marks thirteen days before I head off to Lourdes, but more importantly, it marks sixteen days until I have been married to my man for ten years now. 

It’s wierd knowing that while being married for a whole decade seems like such a huge milestone these days, I am not going to be able to celebrate it with my husband this year because I will be at Lourdes.  For the last nine years, we have always celebrated our “nanoversary” (so named because it was only in the single digits) doing something fun and memorable together–usually involving looking at moose.  For me, at least, it doesn’t really seem like it’s been that long, and for that, I feel incredibly lucky and blessed. 

After nearly ten years of marriage, it’s funny to think of some of the problems we have–

  1. I had to spend ten minutes last night fixing the ginormous three ring photo album binder full of love letters and cards because it fell off the shelf and at least 20 pages of handwritten letters in their page protectors fell out.  At least the other 50+ pages did not fall out of the binder.
  2. Randy still gets irritated because I have not learned to stop leaving a pile of shoes next to the door which leads into the garage.
  3. I continue to lose things and my husband continues to somehow find them.
  4. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep because Randy snores (loudly) next to my ear.  He tells me everynight that he loves me, but I think if he really loved me, he would stop snoring so loudly–or all together. 🙂
  5. When my husband comes home all sweaty and stinky from his basketball game on Tuesday nights, he always asks me if I want a hug or a kiss.  I keep saying no, but he keeps asking.
  6. He always complains when I eat sour cream and onion potato chips. He should not do that because sometimes he tries to kiss me in the morning when I wake up and he has not brushed his teeth yet.
  7. I am a night owl married to a morning person.
  8. I start home improvement projects that I don’t really know how to do, and he has to take over and finish them.
  9. We never fight over the remote, but the only TV shows I get to watch are ones that have a war on them, someone getting murdered, or sports. 
  10. I try to be helpful and load up the dishwasher, but appearantly I still, after ten years, don’t know how to put the dishes in correctly.

It’s amazing we’re still married, isn’t it?


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