Back home safe and sound

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July 8, 2011 by Nicole

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting about the experiences that I had over at Lourdes; I just returned two days ago and have been fighting off a cold that I caught right before I left France.

Overall, it was an amazing and deeply profound experience. It is easy to understand why a trip like this is so life-altering.  Not only have I found healing and peace, but I also came home with a new perspective on so many things, including the trials that continue to go on regarding my husband’s job.

For today, though, I wanted to share one very important thing that I learned while I was in Lourdes ( I believe this is what my Protestant brothers and sisters refer to as witnessing/testimony 🙂 ).  As I stated earlier, I found spiritual healing, but did not receive a cure.  For those of you who don’t  know, there have been (to date) 70 miraculous cures attributed to bathing in the water at Lourdes–cures for medical conditions and diseases that have no scientific explanation.  I think it would be foolish not to say that most people who undertake the pilgrimage to the Grotto hope–at least in some small way–that God will cure them from what ails them, myself included.  I am, however, still near-sighted and as far as I know, still have depression. I can say with certainty, though, that on very intense morning mass at  Lourdes, God literally–and I do mean literally–spoke to me right from the pulpit through one of his priests.

If you want to know more, well, you’ll have to wait for my next post.  To be continued….:)


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