Feeling “Crabby” : He Came Looking for Me

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October 24, 2011 by Nicole

I will say one thing about the upcoming weekend; in spite of my anxiety, I am so excited about singing the new song I “discovered” that I actually can’t stop singing it.  A few years ago, in preparation for a different pastoral search committee that brought a group of people to watch my husband preach, my husband asked me to sing a song at the service, so I began looking around for something that would fit the bill.  I stumbled accross a group of siblings who perform together, named the Crabb Family.  If you’ve never heard them, they are flat out awesome.  They have a very unique sound that is a fusion of that “old time” Gospel, sometimes bluegrass Gospel, southern blues, folk, and Grand Ole Opry.  Now, as much as I love them, this is not the Oakridge Boys or Gordon Mote (Who are great musicians in their own right.).  It’s got some edge to it, and to steal a review someone posted on iTunes, they are so good that God probably has their CD in his disc changer. 

I have a rather ecclectic taste in music, and in some respects, as much as I love my Catholic hymns, very rarely do you get to sing in one of my favorite ways–you know, belting out the lyrics from the bottom of your soul (Sadly, I do an awful lot of that in church on those occaisions where we get to sing a spiritual or some such, but the musician in me believes that I should strive for a nice section sound–not be the alto section all by my lonesome.  Luckily for me, I’ve been told that’s okay on the days when I am the alto section. 🙂 ) But when you sing some of their songs, like “Child of the King,” “Let’s All Get Together,” or “Dont You Wanna Go?” you sing with everything God gave you and then some.

Thus, the song selection for this week’s service: “He Came Looking For Me.”  

How can you not be uplifted by that?!?


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