There and back again…and this has nothing to do with hobbits.

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October 30, 2011 by Nicole

Well, here we are, back in Michigan after our visit to Pennsylvania.  It was a nice little getaway from home, but more importantly, the whole process of waiting for news on whether this is the flock that God has set aside for my husband is nearly over.   

The visit itself was lovely; this particular town is a very picturesque place, and it was a pleasure to get to know everyone on the committee who treated us with such warm hospitality.  I sincerely hope that this time is the one that works out, however, at least if it doesn’t, I can live with it a bit easier than the other two situations.  Most of it is because that clearly, this group has avery difficult decision to make between two qualified candidates, but their decision will be the right one because God knows what’s best for his church, and this time, it has nothing to do with me.


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