Rosary Reflections

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May 4, 2012 by Nicole

I think that I am going to take several posts over the next few weeks to reflect on the mysteries of the rosary.  I find that this is a wonderful devotion to take up in one’s daily life, as it helps you to focus on the birth, ministry, passion, and ressurection of Jesus. 

While many Catholics are comfortable with this particular Marian devotion, the rosary is not an exclusively Catholic domain.  I realize that Protentants are often uncomfortable with the idea of praying to Mary.  To make ourselves clear, we Catholics don’t worship Mary, we do not place her “above” or “greater than” her Son or our Father. Rather, we honor her for her obedience to God in accepting her role as Christ’s mother, and moreover, the rosary focuses on the life of her Son.  Often times, we see his life through her eyes, and she implores us to honor her Son and to do what Jesus commanded–pray for the conversion of sinners. 

Awhile ago, I came across a very helpful website written by Dednnis Craft on teaching children to pray a Protestant rosary.  While his is not the only resource out there (tons of people have provided excellent help on this matter), I love his quiet and sensitive way of explaining how he prays the rosary if you’re curious and are looking for a way to get started.  I began praying a rosary every day as I prepared to go to Lourdes, and I am proud to say that in 10 months, I have only missed one day (I was on intensely powerful and sleep inducing painkilling drugs for a back spasm.  I think that  qualifies as an okay reason to miss one.).  More than anything else, I have found that the rosary provides some much needed quiet from daily life, and has continued to keep me mindful of the purpose of Christ’s life and death.



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