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January 18, 2017 by Nicole

One thing I have discovered in the last four days since my Daisy passed on is just how much I have missed having a dog.  What I mean to say is that when Rufus died in May of last year, I fell apart.  When it was Daisy’s time, I had already been in the process of saying good-bye for awhile as I watched how the senility with which she struggled slowly swallowed her up one day at a time.  When it was her time, there wasn’t much of my old girl left.  I am grateful for every minute I had with her, but I am at peace knowing that my old dog–the one that was here for the first 13 years we had her–is finally with her best buddy, waiting up there for me and no longer stuck in that anxious cloud that she’d been living in for the last year.

It may sound a little strange to say, but one of the things that helped me cope with coming to terms with the end of her life was thinking ahead to who would be the next pup to get a second chance in life with our family.  It wasn’t about “replacing” my dog, rather finding a way to navigate the stress of watching Daisy struggle through the bad days where she could barely stand up, or the confusion distressed her to the point where she would wander around the house panting.  To me, it was a light in the darkness, knowing that once we had done our very best to ensure that she had lived a full, happy life, there would be something after.  My fur baby would finish the work she was sent here to do, and someone else would need our help.

Now, it’s a matter of finding him/her.  Getting ready for a new dog is an exciting venture.  But people who know me also know it’s a potentially problematic one because I would help them all if I could. Last time I went down this road, one dog became two became three became four.  Yes, four dogs.  Because I love all the dogs.  

Tomorrow, Peaseblossom and I will go shopping for a few dog toys to start getting ready for whomever will land here next.  But the “whomever” is a little tricky this time around.  There will be no more than two “whomevers” in this house at most.  So the questions start running through my mind: age? Breed? How far do I want to travel to meet this dog? Do I have the discipline to look at all those sweet faces and their big wet doggie noses and brown eyes and only say yes to one for the time being?  Well, considering that I am wiser now, I am hoping that I will have learned restraint.  

Here goes nothing.


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