About Ephphatha


Welcome to my blog!  I am so happy that you’ve found my little “home on the web,” as it were, and that you’re interested in what I have to say.   My name is Nicole, and I am a committed Catholic.  Not only that, but I am crazy in love with and now 15 years married to a wonderful man who is a Baptist pastor.  Just last year, we welcomed a baby girl, henceforth known on this blog as Peaseblossom (a.k.a “Baby Bean”), into our family.  That is what I write about on this blog, and that makes a lot of people curious. We are living proof that if Baptists and Catholics can love each other, then it’s definitely possible for all Christians to do the same.

I originally began this blog in conjunction with my 2011 pilgrimage to Lourdes, France.  Not only was it an intense spiritual reawakening, but God sent me home with a new job: to serve as a witness to the importance of the ecumenical movement. To be completely honest, as a Catholic, the words “witness” and “testimony” don’t exactly make me feel very comfortable; in fact, they are downright scary to me.  But, when God says, “Jump!” you say, “How high?”  After a three year hiatus from the blogosphere (Once I “pilgrimaged,” I had no idea where to take my blog next!), I decided to resume my online journaling with a new name and focus, and thus Ephphatha came into existence.

I would encourage you to leave comments  and replies if you like–share what’s on your mind (please be respectful of everyone’s thoughts) or to encourage and inspire everyone with your own stories and your faith. If you are really digging this blog, you can always subscribe to it to let you know when something new is posted.  Maybe we can all get people thinking about the importance of God’s family, and change a few hearts and minds in the process. 🙂

You can get to my latest posts by clicking on the most recent month in the ARCHIVE menu over on the left. Happy reading!


One thought on “About Ephphatha

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Hello! Greetings from California!

    I’m a practicing Catholic myself ( I go to Mass every Sunday without fail ). My Dad ‘s been to Lourdes in 1981, and brought home holy water from the grotto. Surprisingly, the plastic container ( image of the Blessed Virgin Mary) is still filled to the brim after 30 years. Water is supposed to evaporate just a little bit after these many years, right ? I think that is miraculous.


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